Introducing this Exclusive Webinar from the Society of Cosmetic Chemists & Bart Maxon

Careers in the Cosmetic Sciences

What You Will Learn From This Webinar...
Instructor: Bart Maxon

Senior Industry Specialist, Dow Chemical Company – Home & Personal Care (Dow Corning Corporation)

Mr. Maxon is currently the Senior Industry Specialist at Dow Chemical Company – Home & Personal Care (Dow Corning Corporation) since 1996. His prior experience includes: Applications Development & Lab Manager at Dendritech, Inc., Technical Product Development Manager/Assistant Scientist at Abbott Laboratories, Diagnostics Division and Product Development Chemist at McIntyre Group LTD.

This 45 minute presentation is targeted towards those students or professionals with a scientific background (i.e. chemistry, chemical engineering, biology, biochemistry, microbiology) or interested in pursuing a career in business (i.e. marketing, marketing communications, finance) within the beauty care and cosmetics industry.

Wednesday The 15th
3pm EST

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